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The Art of Foodfight!

As a fan of animation and terrible things, I’ve been waiting years to see Foodfight!, a feature length CGI family film about supermarket brands and Nazis.

(This 2004 article in The New York Times flies all necessary red flags, and includes this incredible piece of journalistic bet-hedging: “Depending on how it turns out, word of mouth advertising, and its competition when it is released, ‘Foodfight!’ could be a huge success — or bomb at the box office.”)

The company want bankrupt. The guarantors put the film up for auction, which is why it’s officially “© Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company”. A British distributor picked up the rights, and put Foodfight! on DVD. I bought a copy. Finally, 12 years later, I watched Foodfight!

Since mere words can’t do the awful animation justice, I began to post a bunch of animated .gifs from the film on Twitter.

And here they are. Enjoy?


683052035 683052091 683052149 683442502 683442660 683442743 683442826 683891530 683891587 683891636 683891678 683891727 683891830 684490299 683891587

It’s on YouTube now, don’t see for yourself. I’m certain talented people worked on this movie and I truly feel for them. Nobody could save this project. It includes the following line of dialog: “I’m not the one who’s gonna be puppy-whipped, you cold-farted itch!” There’s nothing more to discuss.

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  1. pandatoshare

    woww.. it’s cool 😀

  2. Tommy Day

    Maybe this is what killed Hostess.

  3. Jack

    The guys at the Flop House podcast just reviewed this movie—you can hear the episode here:

  4. Jack

    Also, the old YouTube link above no longer works—here’s a new one that seems to work (at the time of posting):

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