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Cabel Trivia, No. 1: The Movie


Here’s something you might not know about me: I had a major, significant acting role in the non-hit Ralph Fiennes film, Strange Days.

See for yourself:

(I lived near downtown L.A. and snuck into the area where they were filming. I’m wearing a weird party hat. Angela Bassett shoved me very, very hard.)

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  1. Richard Felix (@rfelix)

    Freaking hilarious, man. That’s awesome!

  2. Ted!

    I’m surprised Ralph didn’t have you fired with all the scene-stealing you were doing.

  3. Ryan Bayne (@mutantlog)

    It’s killing me that I can’t name the game show theme that you used in that video. Telling me what it’s from is my only hope of survival!

  4. cabel

    Ryan: Tic Tac Dough! By Hal Hidey. 🙂

  5. George Penston (@gpenston)

    I remember seriously wanting to see this for my birthday. I got a bunch of friends to see and it pretty much sucked. But this was probably the best scene by far. I didn’t know why then, but I know now.

  6. jesse

    Oh crap, that’s awesome.

  7. Chatty Owl

    Ha ha! Movie crasher! I want cabel’s hat now!

  8. mike stedman (@ravuya)

    I actually liked this movie and I still have no idea why.

  9. Kasper

    Hey, just wondering how you do those banner pics in the top of each post? Thanks!

  10. teenwolfblitzer

    hahaha, the music made it 500x cooler

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