Samba de Setup


One of the things we wanted to make truly excellent in our brand-new Status Board iPad app was the setup process. Setup assistants are never fun, always annoying, and kill that “new app” buzz faster than anything. The only thing worse is that giant overlay some apps do that draws arrows all over your screen pointing to all the buttons and things like some demented football coach.

When we landed on the idea of doing a “user manual” — as if you had just purchased a real Status Board and were browsing the instructions — I think Neven said, “And you should hear elevator music!”

And so I wrote elevator music. Here’s the un-tinny-speakerized version. Enjoy?

You can download the song here (M4A, 4.6 MB).

(Thanks for the cover art, Neven!)

17 responses to “Samba de Setup”

  1. So awesome… so, so awesome… and it’s amazing that there’s such a distinctive and recognizable sound for the elevator genre. I lift my hat to you good sir.

  2. @czeins: I actually use good old Garage Band! I install all of the Jam Packs so I have gobs of software instruments. And I play on a honkin’ midi keyboard.

  3. I don’t know what I’ll ever do with this app, but I think I need to buy it just because you’re so awesome. I named my son after you.

  4. Listening to this is so much fun; please please more of this!! Hotel chains are going to call soon, I guess 😀

  5. Hello Cabel! I really like your blog! I also run the same theme on my blog and would like to know how you are able to place the photo under the dateline going across the column. Thanks ahead!

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