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The Blog Is Back. (Also Snacks.)


It’s been a while.

My name is Cabel and you probably came here from Twitter? Maybe? For the past too-many years Twitter absorbed all of my “blogging energy” — it was so fast and efficient to dump out some random or mildly interesting thing. I liked Twitter. And I truly (mostly) enjoyed connecting with people on there. But I’m not feeling real great about the situation over there. Time to diversify.

So, here we go. 2023, the year of the blog???

I have at least a handful of interesting longform things in my mind to write about for you.

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There’s just one last (first) thing to do here.

You know what that is.


Here are the latest #new snacks I’ve found lately.

• Doritos Tangy Tamarind 😵‍💫
• Fi-Being Hard Candy (a curious spin-off from Hi-Chew with a truly disastrous name) 😌
• Ruffles Ridge Twists Smoky BBQ 🙂

• Sun Chips ~Made with Black Beans~ Southwestern Questo 😀
• Sun Chips ~Made With Black Beans~ Spicy Jalapeño 😀

• Hostess Bouncers Ding Dongs 😕
• Hostess Bouncers Twinkies 😕
• Lay’s Adobadas 🙂
• Doritos / Sun Chips minis 🤣

• Lay’s Wavy Carnitas Street Tacos 😕
• Bugles (Hidden Valley) Ranch 🙂
• Outshine Mango with Tajin 😍
• Cheetos Mexican Street Corn 🙂

#New Cereal

As a bonus, here are some new cereals. (Trivia: I have a basement pile of every flattened cereal box I’ve purchased over the last 20 years. Help me)

• Disney Pixar Lightyear with Space Ranger Marshmallows
• L.O.L. Surprise!
• Little Debbie Nutty Buddy Cereal
• Reese’s Puffs / CTC / Trix minis

And finally, the most important new cereal of all:

I love that they couldn’t fully replace the word “Frosted” with “Pandora”. I love that they couldn’t really make Tony blue, but a themed scarf was acceptable. Love “Blue Moons”.

Click here if you’d like to see all the #new stuff I’ve posted on Twitter over the years.

(“Cabel, why on earth do you do this thing with the snacks?” First, it’s fun to try to find new things in the store, like a little life mini game. Second, I love studying the design trends. Third, I’m endlessly fascinated by how many of these graduate to full time product — basically none of them. Is all of this worth the effort?)

Anyway! Thanks for following me here, and even if I never post again, I hope you have a great 2023.


PS: I left all my ancient posts on here from an earlier version of this blog. They’re all old.

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  1. Your pal, bob

    Yes, 2023 is the year of the blog (I think. Don’t quote me unless you really want to.) so welcome back.

    1. cabel

      Thanks!! And congratulations on first post (2023)

  2. Cassidy James

    I love to see this on your blog! I followed you on Twitter but have been spending a lot less time there, and am wanting to get back into using RSS.

    What are your thoughts on the Nutty Buddy cereal? It sounds like it could be amazing—I love Nutty Buddy and Reese’s Puffs—but I wonder if it lives up to the name.

  3. Joby


  4. andy

    adobadas lays were outstanding

  5. bookofjoe

    Stoked to try some of your recommended snacks.

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