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Easy Beatles

I like easy listening. Once massively prolific but now almost entirely extinct, a genre where popular songs are mellowed out with a large orchestra is a very funny, very relaxing thing to me.

I like The Beatles. Maybe you’ve heard of them

I like easy listening covers of The Beatles, like Chacksfield Plays The Beatles’ Song Book.

So I wondered: what would happen if you put The Beatles back into the easy listening?

You get, well, this:

I’m not sure what I’ve created here, but “enjoy”. And, uh, let me know if I should make any more. Download it if you wish (no copyright intended)

PS: did you know that Paul McCartney secretly and anonymously created his own easy listening cover of one of his own albums? Thrillington is an incredible easy listening version of Ram (1971).

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  1. daneel

    Oh this is fun. I’m not quite sure what it is, either, but it’s fun.

  2. Chad

    Hi Cabel,

    The US version of A Hard Day’s Night has four easy-listening versions of their songs arranged by George Martin himself.'s_Night_(album)#North_American_release

    I have the record, passed down from my mother-in-law, and those tracks make it feel like a window into the past. It has been very pleasant to sit in front of the record player, reading the sleeve, while the album plays. Thinking about it now, there’s a Rosetta Stone quality to it. The same songs, on the same object, in two different languages, one old, one new.

    Thanks for the post.