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Official Famicom Logos

If you didn’t know, before the desktop publishing revolution, magazines and newspapers and boxes and anything printed was laid out by hand. Really, by hand. You’d cut (think: scissors) and paste (think: spray mount) all the needed elements — copy, photos, etc. — onto large physical boards that were photographed and sent to print.

But, what happens when you need to include a company’s logo, but you can’t exactly download a vector version because that’s not a thing yet? Easy. Companies would mail out style guides with important reusable elements — drawings, logos, etc. — that could be cut up and reproduced.

And that leads us to this.

As a real big Famicom Disk System & Famicom kind of guy, and as a real big logo/print nerd kind of guy, here, for you, are two sheets of canonical, official Nintendo Famicom and Famicom Disk System logos. That I purchased on Yahoo! Auctions.

If you’re making a fanzine about the Famicom, I highly encourage you to print these out, cut them up, and paste them in your layout. 😛

And if you’re really into this (who are you?), here are un-retouched 1200 DPI scans: Famicom Disk System Style Guide.tiff (59 MB) and Famicom Style Guide.tiff (76 MB).

Have fun!!

PS: they make for nice decorations!

PPS: if you look really closely, now you know that Famicom Disk System yellow is Y100% and M30%!! (Or, DIC 123, if you’re using DIC colors, which I had never heard of until now.)

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  1. stephen

    Another adhesive (spray mount was a newer addition) was hot wax which was applied with a hand-held heated roller device.

  2. pubrocker

    I trained as a paste up artist on magazines in the late 1980’s. We also used another form of adhesive called ‘cow gum’ sold in tins. We had a demo of an Apple Macintosh (Plus I think) and we all got very excited thinking we would all be getting them. The boss said afterwards. “It’s all a big gimmick, they will never catch on”. We all traipsed sadly back to our drawing boards and scalpels! 🙁

  3. ianthewilkinson

    I worked as a paste up artist

  4. Paul

    i used to help with the newspaper ads for a movie chain. every day we had an index of our local theatres and each day it had to be built from scratch! border tape, spray mount, movie logos, such fun.

  5. Matt Lee

    Awesome… my FDS finally arrives in a few weeks. Do you have many games for it? I probably won’t use it much and just look at it a lot.

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