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Imagineering Style Guide ’94

It doesn’t get more niche than this, but here we are.

Another item I bought via auction recently is a copy of the Walt Disney Imagineering Style Guide (1994). This document would be used by writers in the company to make sure everybody is using the proper terminology, trademarks, punctuation, and phrasing.

I love Style Guides!! I actually reference the Apple Style Guide quite often when writing copy (is it e-mail or email?), I find it super useful.

There are some interesting bits and pieces this document. To start, I liked this canonical list of Disney Show Business Terms used in the parks. (It is a buffeteria!)

I had also forgotten that Cinematronics® was once a thing. There was only one Cinematronics show ever created — do you know what it is?

The employee proofreading this draft makes the note that Disney-MGM Studios was now no longer a Theme Park!

Meanwhile, Epcot® ’23 was entering a brave new phase where the name of the park would be updated yearly!?

It’s a nice time capsule of the company at this time. I hope at least one of you enjoys it. Click here:

(6MB PDF. Also available on


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  1. Tyler Marés

    Hahaha, endearingly, `buffeteria` was DOA.

    Interesting idea to brand Epcot for each year (ahead of Madden NFL?), probably induces more FOMO than it does to encourage annual visits; not to mention project planning and delivery pressures on the Imagineering end…

    As dry as it probably was to work on this, a fun peek behind the curtain of the Imagineering world for us. Thanks for sharing and archiving this!

  2. brianenigma

    My web-searching isn’t turning up useful results. Was the Cinematronics show Mission to Mars (sponsored by McDonnell-Douglas?

    1. cabel

      Yes, it is almost impossible to google for Cinematronics! The show was actually… The Timekeeper! It had two incredibly cool animatronics.

  3. Greg M

    Epcot’s yearly branding was probably their marketing lead-up to their turn-of-the-millennium theme. I lived in Florida at that time and the Epcot 2000 promotions were inescapable. My parents even managed to get tickets for New Year’s Eve ‘99.