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Nintendo Company Brochure (2015)

Every year, Nintendo produces a really beautiful print corporate booklet/brochure/thing to pitch themselves to fresh college graduates and prospective employees.

The booklet is basically split into two parts: a fun part that shows you the company culture, spirit, and employees in action, and an all-business zone that gives you the facts and figures necessary to make a big decision.

I came across the 2015 booklet, and had to pick it up ($20) because, design-wise, this one was a celebration of Nintendo’s history!!

Y’all (maybe?) know that I’m a big fan of Nintendo’s incredible past — that they’re still standing, and still independent, is inspirational forever.

The booklet has been covered well by Nintendo expert Erik Voskuil, but I thought it deserved a proper 600-DPI scan.

So, let’s go.

First, please admire this outer sleeve, with its incredible collage of Nintendo logos, past and present:

The first six pages then do an incredible job telling the full Nintendo story through collage, from hanafuda to Ultra Hand to the Famicom!

Great layouts. This design job would’ve been really fun.

The booklet then opens with a message from Satoru Iwata. I realized with some sadness this would be Iwata’s final message in a booklet like this, as he died in 2015. What a truly terrible loss.

For the historical record (and with many, many thanks to Agnes Oshiro) here is Iwata-san’s message in English:

Over 30 years after the launch of the Famicom in 1983, the gaming industry has exponentially grown into one of the few globally recognized industries in entertainment originating in Japan. Nintendo has built its unique presence through both platform and content offerings from the infancy of the gaming industry to the present, launching original and creative products into the global market, which established our brand throughout the world to be synonymous with gaming culture. As a result, Nintendo, as a Japanese platform, is connected to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.

As professionals in the entertainment world, our mission and joy is “to pleasantly surprise our customers and to put a smile on their face”. To achieve this, we must be original and creative, and always continue to flexibly adapt with the changing environment.

Those of you in the current job-seeking generation may recognize Nintendo only as “a stable video game company with a long-established history”. In reality, however, after its founding 125 years ago as a hanafuda manufacturing company, Nintendo transformed from a card game company into a toy company, again into an electronic toy company, then into an electronic game company with products such as Game & Watch, then with the release of the Famicom, transformed once again into a home video game console company. The history of Nintendo is that of the pioneer of the home video game market, which was the end result of relentlessly taking on new challenges and building upon multitudes of failures and small successes. Nintendo will always be evolving.

Entertainment has no value if it remains stagnant. In this challenging industry, Nintendo is searching for someone who has the flexibility and positivity to constantly and consistently seek out new and unique challenges, and to bring forth the next transformation for Nintendo.

—Satoru Iwata, President and Chief Executive Officer

The book then continues with collages of products being worked on in 2015, offering glimpses of cool things, like some amazing Indiana Jones-style Kinopio posters…

…and some unused New Nintendo 3DS logos.

It concludes with a message from Shigeru Miyamoto:

Which translates as follows (thank you again, Agnes):

From the front lines of game creation.

Game creation, together with advanced technology, has evolved rapidly.

Originally, technology only served to bring novel ideas to life, but somewhere along the way, the tendency for the formulaic “more advanced technology = more product appeal” dominating the development environment took hold.

Our company strives to be a group of people who, alongside technical abilities, have unique and original ideas fueling their creativity to surprise and delight others.

So even if you’re somewhat uncertain about your technical abilities, if you’re confident in your originality and creativity, please come knocking on our door. There’s a good chance that it will open.

—Shigeru Miyamoto, General Manager, Entertainment Analysis & Development

The whole booklet is worth a peek.

I didn’t scan the business pages since they’re very dry and technical, but you can read the rest by clicking here:

(via Internet Archive)

That’s it! Thanks again for reading my blog!


PS: if you make any cool wallpapers with this stuff lmk

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  1. Antony Johnston

    What a find, and what great words from both men 👍 One of the games I’m proudest of writing was a WiiU launch title, and I’m still sad that console never quite lived up to its full potential.