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I Just Really Don’t Like Automated Phone Systems

I’m a simple man.

I just wanted to know if the drink machine was working.

Is that so much to ask

(via YouTube)


PS: if you actually make it to the end of this three minute hell, your reward is a surprise phone system hack

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  1. Daneel Cayce

    This was the single most cursed thing I’ve heard all day, but I sat at my desk in a quiet office unsuccessfully holding back laughter the whole time. Thanks for sharing. 😂

    (I hope you got an answer eventually!)

  2. andrewrmadsen

    So…was the drink machine working?

  3. Michael Sippey


  4. Marten

    Was that AI making fake typing noises?

  5. Dan

    I know you recorded this just to prove a point, but to be honest, the AI did tell you that it was there for you to put an order in. Chipotle restaurants don’t have the time nor the energy to take calls from customers who want to know if a drink machine is working or not. People don’t do that.

    1. cabel

      But the AI also told me that “to best handle [my] call”, I should “please describe the question or issue that [I’m] calling about today”. I say, if you can’t handle the answer, don’t ask the question! 😜

      PS: are you saying I’m not a person 🥲 I just wanted a drink

  6. Craig Molyneaux

    This is amazing, in a really frustrating way

  7. Antony